How to save more money on myVegas Slots?

MyVegas Slots was invented and promoted by well known gaming studio called Thera re founded in 2011, they have developed more than 30+ games already and won 400+ rewards in the online community contests. Just a few words as a starter. They are really active on social media like facebook/twitter/Instagram and others popular. Check them out

  1. Play wisely

The biggest problem of all slots players is that they do not plan. They just sit and spend all the chips right away. They think that THIS IS THEIR DAY  – today they will win, but the reality is different. Machine always has to win first in order to share the profit with you 10-30% top. Do not bet a high bets, spend money carefully, plan your strategy ( which we will talk later ) and set yourself a way out. For example if you have 10 000 chips then if you spend 90% of the chips in the first 30min. of the game – leave it. It is not your day and it is better to come back to the myVegas game tomorrow with fresh mind and start again. Maybe this time you will be more lucky.

  1. Always have a strategy

I saw a lot of people who just jump to the game and bet always the same 50-100 chips all night long. This is the biggest mistake. If you will loose 10x 50 chips and then win 30x 50 = 150 then still you are 350 chips loose. It is not worh it! Do your math. I always teach my friends and students that the best technique is first: get the money to invest like 10 000 chips. Second: Rise the stake with each bet. Do it like 100 then 200 then 300 then 500 then 1000 and in the next 1-2 moves the probability that you will win is much bigger because machine has to give you the winning bet. Rise it all the time until you win.

Check out their gameplay:

  1. Myvegas loyalty points codes

What are these points. Myvegas is a business and it has to keep the user active, playing everyday and spending money on chips. This is why they started online loyalty points rewards. When you spend 10 000 chips then you get back 5% of this chips back to your myVegas account. It is easy way to get back a few percent of your lost money back. Remember to signup for this and use this bonus.

  1. Use online generators

If you are looking for a FREE MYVEGAS CHIPS then you have to visit their official partner website called – they cracked the code and they offer free chips for everyone. It is easy as that. Just give them your username, complete the survey and they will transfer 1000+ of chips into your myVegas account.

  1. Myvegas 10000 free chips

There a lot of people who won the 10 000 chips with my vegas. Give a minute to share their thoughts with us. Selena Mariato: I’m very disappointed to see the lack of decent rewards. We are going to Vegas in February and we’re planning to use the Ka reward and either the Siegfried and Roy secret garden reward or the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef reward. All of these have been removed and haven’t been replaced with anything worth while. Of the rewards that are left 90% are sold out. This game is becoming more and more useless. Unless they bring back some decent rewards I will no longer waste my time playing.

And a lot more of spinning problems from Katie: Still having problems with spinning the wheel for points. I have to wait until the background clears, and then It eventually jumps a couple of times and then freezes on a low number, and I am unable to load my points ! Happens every day. Otherwise everything is working well ! ! HELP !